Management Seminar

Activity Management Seminar

Management Seminar

1. Essentials of Management: How to Plan & Organize, Directing, Leadership, Staffing, Implementing, Reporting & Controlling.

2. Communication Skills in Business: How to communicate effectively? Oral, Written, Non-Verbal cues in Communication, presentations, essentials of communication in business etc.

3. Human Resource Management: Features of Human Resources Management, Recruitment & selection policy, placement, labor relations, training, transfer, promotion and dismissal polices, personal development, empowerment, disputes and its solution, manpower planning, Human Resource development, HR Departments, etc.

4. Financial Management: How to manage finance?, Ratio Analysis, Working Capital analysis, Strategic Financial Management, International Finance, Money Markets, Capital Markets, Derivatives, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Capital Budgeting etc.

5. Management Accounting: Fund Flow statement, Cash flow statement, Inflation Accounting, Inventory Accounting, Budgeting etc.

6. Management Information System: Uses of MIS in an organization, Systems Analysis and Design, Application of MIS.

7. Production Management: Job, Mass, Process Production etc.

8. Marketing Management: Marketing Planning/Strategy, Marketing Research Process, 4 Ps of Marketing, Marketing-Mix, Market Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting, Market Analysis, Service Management, International Marketing, Salesmanship and Advertising, Event Management, etc.

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